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Distilled in Scotland, by A. Alexander & Co. Ltd, of 46 Charlotte Street, Leith, Edinburgh, the brand, ‚Dandie Dinmont Scotch Whisky‘ dates from as far back as 1882, the actual year that Alexander’s were established. The brand continued to be produced for exactly 100 years, ceasing the production in 1982.

bild 1-krug_grOver the years, there have been many different label designs, which perhaps will be the source of a future article. The first label design was based on Gourlay Steell’s famous engraving of the farmer ‚Dandie Dinmont‘ in his stable, but later it was substituted for a Dandie Dinmont dog itself.

The first ever Dandie Dinmont Whisky jug,
which dates from the mid 1880’s.



plakat_1The early corporate identity designs showed a pepper Dandie facing right, but this design was later changed to show a pepper Dandie facing left.

FlaschenverschlussThe brand was almost an ‚export only‘ brand, but was available to special order from their appointment stockists, the best known being Williams, Standring, Sandeman and Heatley Ltd. Of Grosvenor Square, London, W1. I understand however, that only orders for a full case would be considered!



A fine collection of Dandie Dinmont Whisky items which includes three type of water jug,
a large bar stand of a plaster dog on a wooden box, a smaller alloy metal bar stand from
the 1920’s, an Alexander’s Dandie Dinmont Whisky ink blotter pad miniature and full size
Dandie Dinmont Whisky bottle.


Over the years, there were many advertising items, ranging from Water Jugs and Bar Stands to Ash Trays and Bottle Pourers.


These were all of high quality and are much sought after today, not only by Dandie Dinmont collectors but also by advertising and brewing collectors.

You will note that all the dogs illustrated are peppers, I have, however, heard of two examples of the wooden box type ‚Bar Stand‘ which are coloured mustard. I have yet to see such an example and I believe that these were ‚after-coloured‘ by the new owners and are not of the original issue colour. If, however, you know differently, please let met know.


Pressed metal serving tray was one of the last
advertising items produced for Alexander’s and
were still available in the late 1970’s





As most items now have to be re-imported into the U.K. and are quite scare, prices tent to be high. I have heard of prices as high as £ 600 being asked for a mint early stoneware water jug!








I am delighted to be able to illustrate some of the advertising items produced for Alexander’s but would love to hear of anything that any reader has in their collection, but which is not illustrated in this article.



Left: White china jug made by „Wade“ for Alexander’s in off white china with gold trim.
Middle: Very early „Buchan Portobello“ Stoneware water jug (no dog illustrated)
Right: The final water jug, made again by „Wade“, is black glazed with white lettering and a yellow diamond to the dog illustrations.


bld 2a-flaschen_gr Two different types of miniature Dandie Dinmont Terrier Whisky bottles. On the left the early round bottle, on the right the later flat bottle. mini

Note the different dog illustated.

etikett_160_schrI have also heard of a ceramic ash tray, a metal serving tray, beer and place mats, magazine adverts and showcards. This latter items was produced for the American market and showed the head of the famous English and American Champion, Waterbeck Watermark, bred by Mr George Jardine.





Should anyone of the readers of this article know any additional information and / or photos, Paul Keevil would be glad to get knowledge of them. He is hoping that by this he would be in a position the publish a revised edition of this article in the next few years- He is very much interested in completing his collection by adding new items.

You can get the address of Paul Keevil from the breeders‘ list by looking for his affix „Yazga“.

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