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„Breeding is an art that is to learned, as in the ideal sense it serves to not
only to broaden the basis of the race but also to improve it. This should
consider everyone before mating dog and bitch for breeding. A systematic
breeeding is a hobby that will result in no commercial profit and it will
become significant if the breeder belongs to a dog breeding club of his race
that persue aims existing in idea.“

Dr. Hubert Wirtz
Welpenaufzucht, kosmos-franckh-verlag
(Breeding Whelps, publisher kosmos-franckh)


INT CH German Dandies‘ NAOMI with her S-litter2013,

With the Dandie Dinmont Terrier choosing the partners for breeding, the mating, the duration and the course of gestation, nourishing the bitch, the development of the whelps in the uterus, and furthermore the brood bed, the course of littering, and the raising of the whelps do not differ from other dog races. And that is why we would like to refer to the numerous special literature that may be bought or order with every good book-shop.

From our experience of 40 years of breeding Dandie Dinmont Terriers in our kennel GERMAN DANDIES‘ and as we photographed many of the processes, we are in a position to present you a selection of photos from birth and rearing of whelps in familiar surroundings -this at the same time giving a glance into the breeding of Dandie Dinmont Terriers.

We will shows you our daily records of the development of weights, the dates of the regular wormings, the care of the claws, and the first date of vaccination. All in all essential recordings when breeding with responsibility.

We have developed a piece of advice for the guidance of the buyers of whelps, intended to help answer some questions arising, e.g. how the whelps have been nourished till taking them over, what has to be considered with the vaccinations to follow, etc. Furthermore you will find hints and advice on feeding within the first day, need of sleep, housing, education, care, and a lot of things more to facilitate the integration of the whelps in their new surroundings.

The following photos show the process of birth of our B-litter of 1985, mom was multi champion and world champion in 1990 by Daphne Beerenkamp:

  • 40 Jahre Kennel GERMAN DANDIES‘

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