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According to the English Standards the acromion (height of the shoulder) of the Dandie is to be from 20.3 cms to 27.9 cms. His length from the scapulum (top of shoulder) to the root of tail should not be more than twice the height of the shoulder, preferable 2.5 to 5.0 cms less.

The English Standards request the weight of the Dandie to be nearly 18 to 24 pounds, about 8.1 kgs to 10.9 kgs

Remark: Because of the different statements on size and weight please note that all statements on weight are only effec-tive in relation to the size of the dog. That is to say that on no account let your Dandie starve only to reach a pretended ideal weight. Weight and Size have to get on well together on a sound basis.

The foreface should considerably be pigmented black or dark inside. The teeth are great and strong. Especially the canines are exceptional great with a dog of this size. The upper incisive teeth overlap the lower teeth thus forming a scissors bite. Undershot mouth and overbite are incorrect. For exhibitors to Shows in Germany it is important to know that – in contradiction to most of the other countries – according to the German Breeding Standards there are very strong regulations regarding the missing of teeth. The best note „excellent“ can only be given if not more than two of the premolars are missing, despite all other possible preferences the dog might have. In Germany, four premolars being missing will result in an unsuitability for breeding.

The hair should be about 5 cms of length. The coat from the neck to the tip of tail is a mixture of rather hardish and soft hair. The harsh hair should not look wiry, that has a curly effect and grows clusteredly. Mostly the coat is not thoroughly pepper or mustard but brightens up towards the hair bulbs. The lower parts of the body have a softer coat than the upper parts.

Pepper varies from a dark, bluish black to a bright silver-grey. The top is a silvery white. Mustard rages from a reddish brown to a light beige. The top is a creamy white. Gradations being among the ranges of the colours (pepper/mustard) are to be preferred.

Large and strong in relation to the size of the dog. Stout muscles. Well domed forehead. The line from the inner corner of the eyelid to the occipital bone and the line from one ear to the other should nearly be the same length. The relation of the fang to the total length of the skull should be 3 to 5.

Top and head-hair
The more bright and silky the constitution of the soft hair is, the better.

They are a special characteristic of the Dandie: Large and round, and of a dark nut-brown colour. On no account may they protude. They are set deep and characteristic.

Length about 7.5 cms to 10.0 cms, pendulous and set deep. Broad in the beginning, leading edge nearly vertical. Terminating almost in a point. Bright feathers about 5.0 cms of length.

The nose is black, the bridge of the nose about 2.4 cms broad as it is long. Behind the nasal plane it is hairless with encrising coating towards the eyes.

Strong and very muscular developed neck of fair length, getting on well into the shoulders.

Forceful chest set deep between the forelegs.

Forelegs are short, particularly big-boned and strongly muscled. The pepper Dandie has varying tan coating, the mustard Dandie on the contrary has a creamy-white and somewhat darker than the colour of the top.


Back line is rather low in the region of the shoulder, building a lightly declining curve till raising over the loins. Beginning with the culminating point over the loins the back line drops in a straight line to the root of tail.

Long, strong and elastic, very flexible. Ribs well arched. Both sides of the spine have strong muscular tissue.

Hindlegs a little bit longer than the forelegs. Set wide open, yet not unnaturally spread. Muscular thighs

Colour of the claws varies with the colour of the dog, dark. hind feet evidently smaller than the front feet. With the pepper Dandie they are tanny, with the mustard one darker than the colour of the top. Flat feet are to be ob-jected.

Rather short, about 20.3 cms to 25.4 cms of length. Beginning thick at the root, then growing thicker in order to diminish very strongly to the tip of the tail. The tail should be carried erect in a light curve, like a scimitar. ro-Root of tail neither high nor low.

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